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Hi my babes,
I would like to tell you about my new experience with the Fleurs de Coton beauty institute, which is located in Geneva (Switzerland). I accidentally came across their Instagram page, and I found the pictures really nice and it made me want to go there.
When I first arrived in Geneva, the first impression I had was that I found the place very pretty and very well decorated.
I was lucky enough to meet the head of the institute (Catherine). And from our first meeting, I found her to be very friendly and very open.
When I went for my facial treatment I was a little bit lost by this multitude of choices, because I did not know much about it, and I had the same concern like at the hairdresser’s because I was afraid that, it would be a mess :P.
But in the end, I am a curious girl who wants to discover new things. So I let myself be guided/advised by Catherine.
And from the beginning she talked to me about Carita facial treatment and I really wanted to try it.
All the products they used were new for me. I was very impatient to test them, and after this short briefing, they started my facial care. It was Lucie who took great care of me.
First of all, she started to remove my make-up with the Lagoon gel (by the way, normally girls do not do like me. They do not go with foundation on the face: P).
Then, she put a Lagoon water-based lotion to moisturize the skin after cleansing the make-up.
Moreover, I also had the Rénovateur Pureté treatment. It is a product to exfoliate dead skin and it also helps to get a fresh and cleansed skin with a matt, glowing complexion (it was really perfect for me :p).
On the other hand, I admit that this scrub anyway has a strong smell and it was a surprise at first. But soon after it, what really pleased me more, was that she cleaned my face with a warm towel (it really felt so good :D).
And then, she used the powder serum and a ultrasonic spatula. It is a small machine that is used to remove all the skin sebum, and I must say that it was really nice, by feeling a depth cleaning of the skin.
Thereafter, she applied Fluide de Beauté 14. It is oil used for facial massages, and has a very nice smell that has the smell of lemongrass.
I do not know if you like that smell but personally I love it and I think it really gives freshness to the skin. And then, Lucie applied the Lagoon Serum on me with a small red Led, which allows to regenerate and to harmonide the level of complexion. It makes the skin look radiant.
And finally, I had the Polynesia Lagoon water intense hydration treatment.
She left it on my face for 5 minutes so that the cream could penetrate well.
This Lagoon cream helps to have a better hydration of the skin (I must say that I have a fairly dry skin and that I really needed it haha :P).
After all this cares, I really felt my face more clear, smoother, fresh and bright.
I am really happy with this experience and especially with the person in charge of the institute who knew how to be attentive to the needs and the expectation I had regarding care treatment.
If you have questions about the products, or even about the treatments I had do not hesitate to ask me 😀
If you would like to find more about the Fleur de Coton institute, feel free to visit their website :

with love,


Coucou mes amours,
Voilà ma nouvelle expérience avec l’institut de beauté Fleurs de coton qui se situe à Genève (Suisse).

Trouvé par hasard leur page Instagram. Les photos vraiment sympas m’ont donné l’envie d’y aller. Quand je suis arrivé à Genève, la première impression que j’ai eu c’est que j’ai trouvé l’endroit très jolie et très bien décoré.

Je suis accueilli par Catherine, la responsable de l’institut. J’ai apprécié son écoute et sa sympathie. J’ai choisi à la carte un soin visage. J’étais un petit peu perdu par cette multitude de choix, vu que je n’y connaissais pas grand-chose, j’avais la même préoccupation que chez le coiffeur car j’avais peur qu’il me rate. Catherie m’a bien expliqué que le soin serait adapté à mon type de peau et à mes besoins. Curieuse de nature, je me suis laissé guider/conseiller. Je suis donc parti sur un soin visage Carita de 50min. La gamme, bien qu’une référence dans le domaine de la beauté est une découverte pour moi.

Avec impatience, je rejoints la cabine de soin.
C’est Lucie qui s’occupe de moi. Elle a regardé ma peau, m’a posé des questions sur mon entretient au quotidien et elle m’a bichonné.
Tout d’abord elle a commencé par le démaquillage avec la gelée des Lagons (d’ailleurs les filles ne faites pas comme moi, n’allais pas avec du fond de teint sur le visage).
Ensuite, elle ma mise une lotion à base d’eau des Lagons afin d’hydrater la peau après le démaquillage.
Avec la gamme Carita, le gommage se fait avec le Rénovateur pureté. Cela permet d’avoir une peau fraiche, assainie et un teint mat et lumineux (c’était vraiment parfait pour moi :p) par contre j’avoue que ce gommage a quand même une odeur assez forte et ça surprend au début. Mais ce qu’il m’a vraiment plus a été le rinçage du visage avec une serviette humide bien chaude (ca fait tellement du bien).
La désincrustation s’est fait avec la spatule à ultrasons et le sérum poudré. J’avoue que c’était vraiment agréable avec en prime la peau nettoyé en profondeur.
Le massage du visage entre les mains de Lucie est un régal. Le « fluide de beauté 14 » (huile utilisé pour le massage) à une odeur très sympa qui sent la citronnelle. Et vous les filles, aimez cette odeur ? Personnellement j’adore, je trouve que ça donne vraiment une fraicheur à la peau.
Lucie m’a appliquée le sérum des Lagons à l’aide d’un petit Led rouge, qui permet de régénérer et uniformiser au niveau du teint, ça donne un bon coup d’éclat à la peau.
Comme tout soin visage, le masque va réhydrater ma peau. Lucie a utilisé l’hydratation intense des lagons de Polynésie, qu’elle a laissé sur mon visage pendant 5 minutes pour que la crème puisse bien pénétrer.
Une petite touche de crème des Lagons pour finir afin d’aide avoir une meilleure hydratation de la peau (j’avoue que j’ai la peau assez sèche et que j’en avais vraiment besoin haha :p)

Après ce soin, j’ai vraiment senti mon visage plus apaisé, plus lisse, plus frais et lumineux.

Je suis vraiment heureuse de cette expéreince à Fleurs de Coton. Je suis ravie d’avoir trouvé un institut où l’équipe a su être à l’écoute, au besoin et l’attente que j’avais par rapport à l’exigence du soin.
Si vous avez des questions sur les produits, ou même sur le soin que j’ai fait n’hésitez pas à me demander
Si vous avez envie de découvrir l’institut de Fleurs de coton, n’hésitez pas à aller faire un tour sur leur site internet : et de voir leur page instagram :

Avec amour,
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Hi Babes,

today I’d like to tell you about my couple and how it all begun, by chance while I went to Nepal to meet my biological family. Since I was an independent young woman, I slept in a hotel. And this was where I met Luis, who was older than me, a young man, who was half Italian and half Bolivian. Someone might have thought he was a Nepalese.

And right at the beginning, I thought he was a Nepalese who was working in the hotel where I was staying and I asked him for my tea… haha :p
He had a very strong accent and I had a little bit of trouble understanding him when he was speaking to me.
From the beginning, I found him to be very cultured and very interesting, and it was not with his physical appearance that I fell in love, but for the person he was.
For him, it was love at first sight towards me, and on the other hand, I had no second thoughts either. We saw each other only for 2 hours and he had to leave the next day to do a trekking in Nepal and by the time he returned, I was already back in France.
We exchanged our Facebook details and on his return from Nepal, I wrote to him to see what was happening with him and if he had loved my country.
We communicated well through messages, and he had told me in his messages “I do not know how I would go on a month without eating Nepalese. It was a way of telling me that he really wanted to see me again. Then I told him « So if you really want, come to Besançon (the French city where I lived) and I will make you eat Nepalese.” And then he came with a bunch of yellow tulips (well…. yellow is the color of infidelity… haha… he didn’t know, poor fellow : P), but he kept them well hidden… He met my adoptive mother and we had a great day. And then when leaving, he gave me the flower bouquet (so sweet). That’s when my mom told me « Well…well, he’s madly in love with you« .
But me…, I had second thoughts, because since he was 10 years older than me, I was thinking what my friends were going to say? How people will look at us and all that. One thing was sure. He had pleased my mother from the beginning. So there you go.
I was afraid of people’s reaction, criticisms and all. And at one point I said to myself, I must get through these criticisms. There will always be jealous people, and people will always keep criticizing.
Then I really started things, we met for a second time, and he kissed me.
I said to myself I am young… I will live for the day and not worry too much and let’s see where this relationship would take us.
At that time, he lived in Switzerland and I in France. At the beginning we did not see each other much. Sometimes it was a bit difficult. Especially on Valentine’s Day, I wanted to see him and all but I couldn’t. But he sent me a big flower bouquet by post. It was so romantic of him. Then I came to Switzerland to spend a few days with him.
As time passed, I was starting to find him more handsome. It was love. Yes, after 4 months I fell in love with his physical appearance and above all for his character.
Six months later, I finished my studies and I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life, and he proposed to me to come live with him in Switzerland.
How much I wondered about it, because I had never moved in with anyone, and I was never away from my family! But I had to choose quickly. I was thinking, what if it does not work? What if we fight all the time? Anyway, I went with it and decided to stop worrying because even if it didn’t work at least we have tried and if I didn’t come to Switzerland our relationship could have stopped because of the distance, as he works a lot between Italy and Switzerland. And finally I accepted, with a lot of fears, with the hope to be happy in this new adventure =)
So here I am! And this is the story of how I met the man who since then become my husband.
I am happy that I took some risks! =)
Stay tuned for more stories about me. Other than fashion and travel, I like, time to time, to reveal something about me.

With love,


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Hello beauties,

I would like to share some details of my collaboration with The Wanted Company. I had the chance of getting to know Alexandra and Celina, the two founders, during an event that they organized to present their concept and introduce their website to the public. The Wanted Company is the first swiss web-site to create the link between the public and a selected group of small brands with talented and creative creators. You can find many kind of products. From jewelry and accessories to beauty products, passing from baby products and some extra-ordinary items. They would like to be trend setter in showing up only the most updated trends, according to the fine sensibility of Alexandra and Celina. Each creator is carefully selected for being very attentive to details and quality. The idea is to provide to the final customer exclusive products, mostly hand made, at an affordable price. Each time that they set up a promotion, a special price (from -30% to -60%!) is set for the The Wanted Company clients only. This offers last for 7 days maximum.

I am really fan of their concept and I love their motto “Be unique, be you” as it’s very close to my philosophy =)

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Alexandra and Celina, this two lovely friends would certainly help you out. Meanwhile, let’s start with exploring their




Let’s go girls, it’s up to you to enjoy right now.


With love,



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Hello Beauties,

So, I’d like to tell you about my trip to NYC. How do I put it ? It was FANTASTIC!!!! Really, who’s never dreamed of going to New York? To pretend to be real American girl and live one day in the life of a New Yorker? And of course, a New Yorker’s life means a day out shopping ;D

Also, movies and series constantly show us this incredible city of dreams, like in Two Days in New York and even the famous series “Gossip Girl” and even “Sex and the City.” So after watching these series, I thought, “One day I’ll go there and discover the life of a real New York City girl.”


And finally that day came. I couldn’t believe that my boyfriend (who has since become my husband ;D) had give me a trip to New York as a Christmas gift. This was my first trip to the USA – the first time I’d set foot there ;P. And I still remember today that the day before leaving, I couldn’t sleep I was so excited to leave. All night long, I wondered “Is it really like in these series? Will I run into the stars of Gossip Girl, for instance?” Anyway, I wondered all sorts of questions so I didn’t get much sleep haha 😛 . I took a long time choosing my clothes, since I wanted it be like in my dreams, that is, stepping off the airplane like a real star you see on TV, with a hat, glasses and high-heels!

After more than 9 hours in the plane, I finally arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. We left and took one of those famous yellow taxis, and I can tell you that I was like a little girl with her doll: glued to the taxi window watching everything; the buildings, the cars, the signs, even reading what they said :P, the people, the style – EVERYTHING.

What I really liked was the restaurant we ate at for my boyfriend’s birthday. It was really stylish, and very delicious, but what’s wonderful was that it’s on a rotating platform (don’t drink too much or else your head will be spinning :P). That day, it was funny because there were lots of people who had gone there for their birthdays, so there were several people celebrating their birthday ;P. I’ll leave you a link to the restaurant (, if you’re in the area for a delicious dinner!

The other thing that I really liked was visiting Central Park by bike! Yes, my friends, don’t forget that this park has an area of 3.41 km², so if you plan on going there on foot, good luck 😛 . For those who enjoy running, it’s really nice in the morning to see the sunrise over Manhattan, as you can see in my boyfriend’s pictures. This park is gorgeous with all its greenery. There’s a small lake, bridges, music, dancers, and in short, is really animated. And what I found to be really, really cute were, of course, my little friends, the squirrels :D.

Of course, if you go to New York, you simply mustn’t miss:

  •  The September 11th Memorial Museum: It was both very interesting and very difficult as well to see very touching testimonies, videos and also, the two towers that were destroyed. It’s true that you leave with a lump in your throat.


  • Rockefeller Center, so you can admire all of New York. I advise that you go in the evening – it’s more incredible then.

  • Times Square. How can I put it? It’s unreal and gigantic. I was really impressed with all these bright screens, all the people and all the shops.

  • Brooklyn Bridge: if you want to watch the sun set over all the tall buildings, go here. You’ll get an incredible view from the bridge.

  • Central Park. Don’t hesitate to go here – it’s beautiful. I really liked it: it’s lively, it’s relaxing, there are lots of things to discover, like biking, the squirrels, the people putting on shows, music, and everything coming together so you’ll spend a pleasant little day.

  • And finally, the Statue of Liberty: Well, we weren’t really lucky because that day there wasn’t the best weather, so we couldn’t really see it that well from far away, but it’s true that the statue is imposing and incredible.

There are plenty of other places to discover, of course, but for us, this is what I remember most from my trip to NY.
If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to ask me.

with love,


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Hello Beauties,

As you know, or you may soon discover, I am fond of fashion, and I am really pleased of announce my new collaboration with Raffaella Palazzi, the charming owner of the Narciso boutique, based in Albino, Italy. I was lucky to meet her, thanks to my husband. I really admire Raffaella for her professionalism. She followed an original and very personal path in the fashion world, and she also took some inspiration by the lectures of Carla Gozzi, very famous italian image advisor. With this know how she serves her clients and help by giving personalized advice on style, colour combinations and whatever can make her customer looks beautiful and happy. Furthermore she’s always smiling, very sociable and talkative, and ready to make jokes when interacting with people.

I am really happy to know her and her boutique. She offers many stylish brands as Orciani, Lella Baldi, Gio Cellini and many others. In her boutique you can find from clothes to shoes, from bags to jewels. Don’t hesitate to visit her website and you can place some orders wherever you live.


I am personally a big fan of Narciso as it really resemble to my own style. And you know what? We planned to go together to see some fashions shows. And many other surprises may come by collaborating with my dear Raffaella, hopefully also for my, soon to come, personal brand!! I’m looking forward to share these moments with you all.



Let’s have a look to her website. What about her bags? I’m totally crazy about them.

Hopefully summer sales just begun =)

Samjhana & Raffaella

with love,


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Each time I go back to Nepal, I cannot avoid to go and visit Swayambhunath (the Monkey Temple), which is definitely my favorite place in Kathmandu.

This place is so quiet and makes me feeling relaxed and in peace with the world. I love this place as, by being at the top of a hill, it allows me to have a wonderful view on all Kathmandu, and be surrounded by a bunch of monkeys and the colored flags hanged everywhere from tree to tree. You may also find a lot of small temples, young Buddhist monks and also tourist, of course.

If you are hungry there’s also some place where to have some drinks or snacks, but… beware the monkeys as they can be hungrier than you (and for sure very curious). It is not that rare to listen to some tourist yelling against a monkey who just stole his snack or drink. Take care also of your bag, girls! =P

Some history about this place:

Swayambhunath is one on the oldest religious site in Nepal. Once upon a time there was a big valley, which was entirely occupied by a huge lake, with a lotus flower growing on it. This is the origin of the name Swayambhu. Now it’s a hill with a big Stupa temple standing on the top of it. The Stupa consists of a big dome, which stands for the world, surmounted by a cubic structure with the Buddha’s eyes that stare all four cardinal points. On the top of it a cone with golden stripes complete the typical geometrical structure of the Stupa.

Every morning, since dawn, hundreds of pilgrims climb the steep 365 steps that bring you from the base to the top of the hill. It’s a short but pretty intense climbing that make you passing a golden portal (Vajra) and two golden lions that protects the entrance. Once on the top they start turning around the stupa in the clockwise sense.

If you plan to visit Nepal, don’t forget, my loves, to visit also this place that will allow you to recover and relax your soul. Don’t risk to bring a banana with you, otherwise you risk to be submerged by monkeys who fell in love with you!!! =P

with love,


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Namaste and welcome to my blog.

Who am I?

My name’s Samjhana, that actually means thought or « souvenir ». I am of Nepali origin and I was adopted and grew up in France. I am leaving in Switzerland, right now.

I have been long time looking for my way in life: I dreamt to be a movie star, a dancer or a singer (as every little cute girl, ahah). Today I am studying to become a fashion designer and willing to launch my own brand of clothes in the close future.
I have always been passionate about fashion, and I get crazy about clothes, jewels and make up. I love to look pretty and dress in a stylish way. I have always thought that you can get an idea of someone according to his style.
I also love to travel, as I am instinctively curious and hungry of visiting new cities, taking pictures of new landscapes, meeting new people, and tasting new flavors. Since 2014 I started to travel a lot and visited more than 20 countries. Follow me and I’ll share my experiences over my travels and discoveries, here on my blog.
I would like to share with you my perspective of lifestyle and happiness.

Follow me here and on my Instagram page to have a feeling of the keccystyle =)

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